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PathQuest AP is a smart account payable automation software that helps simplify and collaborate documentation, communication and purchase order system. PathQuest AP is an accounting automation software designed to automate business payment processes from start to finish and customized for every business needs. A revolution in the Accounts that helps simplify and collaborate accounts payable documentation, communication, and purchase order system with ACH, credit cards, and check cut payments at one single place that gives AP the best control and visibility over the business expense.

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Key Challenges / Defining the Problem


The Accounting and Finance department was unable to process the large influx of invoices. The multifaceted, manual process was very tedious, lengthy, error-prone, costly, and time-consuming. Integrating the advance payment process with the accounts payable system was the primary requirement of the company.


Extracting the billing data - Optical character recognition (OCR) data extraction involves the conversion of images of typed or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document or a photo of a document. Integrating OCR is an extremely complex process, however, our team developed and seamlessly integrated the OCR in PathQuest – AP.


Implementing seamless management of invoices, approvals, vendors, and payments within one single interface was a challenge. The process of approvals for multiple teams involves managing and juggling a huge pile of email threads and manual efforts to follow up on bill and payment approvals. Keeping track of this can be a tedious and unproductive process at times. By automating the entire approval and bill matching process, organizations can reduce the need for any kind of human intervention.

Solution Provided by Technomark

  • The core focus of the client was to automate and streamline the accounts payable workflow for easy bill processing. The client desired software that would collaborate and simplify communication, accounts payable documentation, a purchase order system with ACH and cheque deduction payment in a single software.
  • The client needed modern accounting software that would beat traditional accounting and revolutionize the entire accounting methodology. It certainly was a challenging task to develop accounting automation software that does everything on its own. Our team of developers was ready to take up the challenge. Hence, our team researched and analyzed the development of feature-rich accounting automation software.
  • The TechnoMark team built accounting software to let you control your company’s payments as well as spending. The solution even allows you to capture bills, approve, escalate, and swiftly process the payment without any delays.
  • We even built the auto import and integrated OCR billing scan features so that users can easily import and sync bills from Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, and FTP. The Smart OCR facility allows scanning and field maps to capture all the details in no time.

The Technical Challenges

  • Integrating smart document capture with OCR was challenging because we were about to develop an entire software to recreate a document, and improve and recognize the document with data-extracting capabilities.
  • Another technical challenge was business accounting tool integration, where we needed to build a system that permitted seamless integration with other leading software as well

Designs and Conceptualization

  • PathQuest introduces a smart and intuitive design structure. In the early days, accounting software used bold fonts and black-and-white colors.
  • That’s when PathQuest comes to the rescue by offering excellently customized dashboards with a smart alert system that notifies you in real time.
  • Along with the tailor-made design, PathQuest offers the core features and functionalities, that accounting automation software requires.
  • PathQuest comprises a flat design with an intuitive and clean dashboard with user-friendly features. The software includes high color contrasts, straight lines, and simple graphics to make the experience clean and sharp for the user.

Strengths of the Application

  • Smart and faster payments with CC, ACH, and Cheque
  • Auto import and bill scanning with smart OCR
  • Comprehensible AP workflow with the fast approval process

Sunil and his team were a huge help in getting us some very last-minute, high-level development changes done in time for a large presentation we had. Great communication and excellent turnaround time.

Marcus Dedina

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Sunil and his team were a huge help in getting us some very last-minute, high-level development changes done in time for a large presentation we had. Great communication and excellent turnaround time.

Marcus Dedina
CEO, The Kila Group
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