Why Hire a Dedicated Full-stack Developer from TechnoMark?

Onboard TechnoMark’s full stack developers for your full stack development projects to develop dynamic and scalable custom web apps of different complexities and magnitude. We can take your project to the next level of innovation. Power your web development projects with our flexible engagement models and drive them to success. Here the key skills that our full stack developers add to your team.


Front-End Technologies

Proficiency in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, as well as familiarity with responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility.


Back-End Technologies

Proficiency in back-end technologies like server-side programming languages (such as PHP, Python, Ruby, or Node.js), databases (like MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL), and web servers (such as Apache or Nginx).


Web Frameworks

Knowledge of popular web frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails.



Familiarity with RESTful API design and development.


Version Control

Proficiency in version control tools like Git or SVN.



Familiarity with DevOps principles, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).


Agile Project Management

Our developers are skilled in Agile project management, which is a collaborative and iterative approach to software development. By working in sprints and involving stakeholders in the development process, we ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget while meeting your business requirements.


Communication Skills

Our developers are excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing. We understand the importance of clear and timely communication to ensure that your project stays on track and meets your expectations. We are responsive to your needs and keep you informed every step of the way.


Cloud Native Knowledge

Our developers are well-versed in cloud-native technologies, which enable us to build scalable, secure, and reliable software applications. We leverage cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to develop and deploy applications that can handle millions of users and terabytes of data.

Skills of Our Specialized Full-stack Developers

Front end

  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • Express

Back end

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS

LAMP Stack

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Our Work

Hire Best Resources with Effective Hiring Models.

Full-Time Hiring

8 hours/day | 5 days/week

Total 40 hours/week Get In Touch

Part-Time Hiring

4 hours/day | 5 days/week

Total 20 hours/week Get In Touch img

Hourly Hiring

40 hours minimum

Pay as you go Get In Touch


What Our Clients Say About Us

We're passionate about what we do. Know it from our precious clients!

A great pool of full-time resources on hire for any IT software / APP development projects or for IT consulting requirements with great flexibility of working on customized delivery and cost parameters. Passionate professionals, excellent turnaround time and agility are well appreciated. Highly recommend them for any full-time or project basis resource assignments.

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