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About NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is dedicated to connecting artists with the Tenefti website, where they can upload their paintings, list them for sale, and even place a bid. This solution is connected to OpenSea, therefore any user can easily buy, trade, place bids, and sell NFTs directly from the platform. This is a unique solution built by the TechnoMark team, as all the other NFT marketplaces follow the traditional approach of building the entire marketplace on their own. This NFT marketplace, on the other hand, is integrated with OpenSea to provide users with a seamless experience and robust security.

Development Technologies

Front End

HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery









Key Challenges / Problem Statement


The client wanted to create a platform that allows users to sell and bid on digital art, but due to a lack of technical guidance, he was not able to move forward.


As a business, it was complex to integrate an NFT setup directly into a website. It has become easier with the NFT marketplace setup.


NFTs are typically based on blockchain technology, so integrating blockchain into the website is a key challenge.

Problem statement

  • Provide users with a platform that enables them to buy NFTs with the help of blockchain networks and also provides a platform for the vendors to mint NFTs and sell them through fixed pricing and bids.
  • Traditional methods of ownership and authentication are not well-suited to the digital realm, creating a need for a specialized platform for NFT transactions.
  • The website should provide infrastructure for NFT transactions, additional features such as auctions and community engagement, ensure security, and verify ownership to establish trust among users.

Solution Provided by TechnoMark

  • Integrated feature that will convert real-time crypto to the current USD price.
  • The vendors can mint NFTs and showcase them in stores. Using OpenSea as the main platform to make bids and place orders using the blockchain.
  • The customer will need to buy or purchase a license for any pre-approved 3rd party tools, extensions, or APIs that are going to be integrated into the Web Platform.

The Technical Challenges

  • It was technically challenging for us to integrate a different payment method.
  • Another challenge was to protect the platform from cyberthreats and online fraud risks.
  • We even integrated a system that will track fake NFT auctions, NFT drops, airdrops, and the giving and replication of famous NFTs.

Designs and Conceptualization

  • The NFTs platform’s core concept is to sell art. If the platform’s UI/UX are outdated and boring, users will not stay and buy their favorite tokens and NFTs.
  • Rather than only focusing on verification, security, and faster development, we have also focused on designing an engaging UI and UX. Users will be able to achieve successful results only if the design is intuitive and understands the user’s behavior.
  • Our professional team of designers crafted the entire layout in a way that will help users complete their desired actions.

Strengths of the Application

  • Scalability, speed, and security

This NFT marketplace enables fast crypto transactions without any issues. The platform’s security is top-notch, as it is directly integrated with the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The platform is built on blockchain technology and is completely decentralized. The platform doesn’t require a middleman to verify and complete the transaction.


  • Flexibility and freedom

NFT marketplaces are not monitored by anyone as they are completely decentralized. The rules and regulations of online marketplaces don’t apply to NFT marketplaces. Therefore, users get more flexibility as well as the freedom to trade, buy, and sell digital assets at their convenience.

The time we decided to develop an app, the main struggle was to find an appropriate development team. But with Technomark solutions, we made it happen. They have guided us on every step and delivered a high-quality app. If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company, I would definitely recommend them.

Harry H. Brewer
Accounting Manager - UK

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Technomark has proven to be a professional software development service provider from the onset working on our Practice Management Software for our large-scale operations. I liked their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements at both architectural and business levels. Their competence in delivering quality software that facilitates business success is highly commendable.

Rahul Mehrotra
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Working with Technomark Solutions was a lot of fun. They have an incredibly competent crew, and they were quite patient with us. For initiatives involving mobile apps, I’d heartily suggest them.

George S. Jones
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I would like to thank the entire team of TechnoMark for giving us an efficient, user-friendly Time Management System that works seamlessly helping us manage operations globally. Reports are very well designed which helps to track time-spend by each resource on each project and between different projects. Overall went above and beyond our expectations.

Yatin Gajjar
Project Lead, PABS, USA
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