Smartphones have now become an extension of our hands. So, it only makes sense to build intelligent apps that can simplify life or atleast some aspect of it. A 2021, study claims that people downloaded a whopping 230 billion apps in that year. These numbers must have only increased in the last two years.

The app market is huge and hence, to penetrate it and make a mark you need a unique idea and a robust strategy. It goes without saying that you will have to solve a problem that nobody has attempted so far while engaging the users and making them feel seen through your products.

Let’s talk about some app ideas that bring in a new perspective and solve every day problems efficiently. These apps, when done rightly are sure to bring in startup success in 2024.

Top Startup App Ideas for Success in 2024

  • Wealth and Asset Management App

Wealth is a complicated topic with multiple elements such as assets, cash, liabilities, etc. attached to it. ‘Wealth management’, the term is even more complicated because it talks about serious money management like retirement planning, college funds, house purchase and more. And it is safe to say that the complexity of wealth and its management has only increased in the modern times.

So, creating an easy to use wealth management app is a great idea. Millennials and Gen Z people need to sort out their finances without a middle-man who costs a fortune. There are already a plenty of apps floating around but still, a good one that is to the point and actually does the job without all the fizz, will always survive and can take over the market.

  • Delivery App

Yes, there are a plenty of delivery apps in the market but there are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled. First things first, price. All the existing apps are expensive to use, so they are being used by only a particular segment of the society. There is a need of a brand/app that can capture the remaining segment.

We are now in dire need of an application that will not try to earn from every aspect of the delivery system. A delivery app that works on a fair pricing model and has a robust strategy that takes care of both the customer and the delivery agents while bringing in profits is the solution here. Think about it. Oh, also, there’s the well-being of the planet to be considered too because there are too many delivery agents on the road now, guzzling petrol.

  • Food Planner App

Planning and cooking meals tend to cause severe headache to working individuals. If you are a working parent, the headache tends to become even more severe. Churning out 3 meals a day, according to everyone’s preferences and health conditions can give a nightmare to even the best of cooks. Imagine what it can do to people who are not very fond of cooking or spending 3 hours in the kitchen every day?

How about an app that can generate a meal plan according to the food preferences and eating habits and helps you plan and organize your pantry?

An app that takes care of all the nuances such as likes and dislikes, health conditions, age and even moods of the family members can be a super hit with the modern, nuclear families where meal planning and meal preparation have to be quick and very efficient in terms of health benefits.

  • Health Tracker App

Hold your horses! We are not talking about a heartbeat tracker or a step counter. Here, we are talking about a full-fledged app that takes care of everything, right from the wakeup time, quality of sleep, calorie consumption, water consumption, number of steps, health checkup routine, health records and also frequent prompts.

Managing health and healthy habits on a daily basis are easier done with one application that takes care of everything. One app, that has all your information just a single click away, is any day better than multiple apps that do not talk to each other. The thing is, life has gotten hectic and we need apps that are efficient in the real sense. Afterall, don’t we forget about the step tracker on day 6 of installing it?

  • Learning Partner App

Learning a new skill or a new language becomes easier when you have someone to share the ordeal with. A learning partner app is a great startup idea for our world where everyone is looking to upskill. How about an app that can teach stuff, can help people meet other people with the same goals and can also help with the certifications?

This idea, if done correctly can be wonderful for learning languages, technology and even simpler things like how to use an android phone for older people. Yes, there are a plethora of learning apps, but not many have considered the collaboration aspect, real or virtual.

  • Clothes Exchange App

What do you do when you get bored of the clothes hanging in your closet or when your children outgrow their expensive wardrobe? This is a very common problem in modern households and needs an apt solution that does not feel like you wasted your money.

A donation app can efficiently solve this problem by matching the right people with the right products. This idea can help people get their hands on affordable, trendy clothes while giving the seller a chance to earn some money. On a bigger scale, a clothes exchange app can contribute in reducing the fashion waste that is harming our planet in multiple ways.

  • Food Sharing App

Ordering food through the popular food delivery apps can be expensive and eating out every day also gets boring after a certain time. What if we could exchange home cooked meals, or order it from people who want to make some money through the process?

A foodie app that lets people share their food, try someone else’s food or order home cooked meals when needed, is a good startup idea for metros and even smaller cities with the right crowd, for example, college kids living in dorms and independent accommodations.

This app can help people control their expenses while surprising their taste buds and simultaneously taking care of their health. While this idea may not be brand new, there is a lot of scope for improvisation both in the home cooked meals business and an application that can provide a platform to all the interested people.

Effective Engagement Strategy is the Key to Attract Users and Succeed in 2024


In a world where 80.69% of the population uses a smartphone, there is no dearth of customers. The issue here is the competition. The app market is over-saturated with 100s of apps solving the same issues. On an average, a person has approximately 40 apps installed on the phone. Studies have further revealed that on an average, a person uses 9 apps in a day and this number varies according to the age of the user and their education level.

To become a successful startup, you have to ensure that your app is one of those 9 and is used almost every day. How can you achieve that? Well, for one, you will have to solve a crucial problem by bridging a gap that is unaddressed. Your business will have to become as crucial and prominent as apps like Whatsapp or Instagram, so that everyone has no option but to download the application, use it and also recommend it in their circles.

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