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TechnoMark WhatsApp Messaging Service [TM WMS] makes customer engagement
simple, it enables sales, customer support, and marketing teams to use a single platform
to send bulk messages, broadcasts, template messages, and manage customer queries. TM WMS also allows to increase sales, improve customer service, and provide value to your organisation.

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Key Challenges / Problem Statement


Acme Corporation sells vacuum cleaners, after customers have purchased the product, they would like to send them a bulk message when it’s time to clean or replace their filters and brushes to remind them to do so.


Moreover, they also would like to send customer group-specific bulk messages viz. Replace filter bulk message applicable to replace customer group only likewise for all other groups.

Solution Provided by TechnoMark

  • TM conceived and created the “WMS” solution for broadcasting WhatsApp messaging would involve using a Twilio API, which allows for sending messages to large numbers of recipients at once.
  • This could include using a broadcast messaging platform, such as a mass text messaging service or a WhatsApp messaging service. which allows for the creation and sending of messages to a targeted list of contacts by making a group as well.
  • Additionally, the system should be able to track and analyze the effectiveness of the messages. such as open and click-through rates, to continuously improve the messaging strategy, Custom templates. Other important aspects to consider would be data security

The Technical Challenges

  • The technical challenge lies in segmenting customers into different groups based on their purchase history or specific criteria such as filter type or model. This segmentation is crucial for sending targeted bulk messages to specific customer groups.
  • Acquiring and managing customer data, including purchase history and filter replacement schedules, is essential for sending timely reminders. Ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and security of customer data poses a technical challenge.
  • Customizing bulk messages based on customer-specific information, such as filter type or purchase date, requires implementing a system that can dynamically generate personalized messages. This technical challenge involves designing templates and integrating them with the customer data.

Designs and Conceptualization

  • Create customizable message templates that can be personalized with customer-specific information such as filter type, purchase date, and recommended replacement frequency. Integrate the messaging system with the customer database to retrieve and populate relevant customer data in each message.
  • Design the system to handle a growing customer base and a large volume of messages. Implement measures to ensure reliable message delivery, such as message queuing and monitoring systems, to maintain system performance and scalability.
  • Integrate the messaging system with the existing CRM or customer database to access and synchronize customer data. This integration ensures accurate customer information and allows for seamless message delivery and tracking.

Strengths of the Application

  • Send Bulk Messages
  • Send personalized messages
  • Send segmented bulk messages
  • Send rich media and interactive messages

Sunil and his team were a huge help in getting us some very last-minute, high-level development changes done in time for a large presentation we had. Great communication and excellent turnaround time.

Marcus Dedina

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