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About EV Charging

An EV charging application is a software program that allows electric vehicle (EV) owners to locate, reserve, and pay for charging stations. The application typically uses a mapbased interface to show the location of nearby charging stations, as well as information about their availability, pricing, which type of charging slot are there and compatibility with the user’s vehicle and more over user can also add their different vehicles in the

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React Native


Mobile App

Key Challenges / Problem Statement


Finding and utilising charging facilities that are suitable with electric vehicle usage can be challenging. it can be difficult to find charging stations, this can frustrate the owner of the EV and result in lost time and energy.


Due to the lack of real-time information regarding the availability and status of charging stations, it might be challenging to determine when they are in use. EV owners may experience lengthy wait times as a result of inconvenience.


The locations, availability, and costs of charging stations, as well as accurate and current information about them, are quite difficult to find. Additionally, paying for charging services is generally highly tough for EV owners. This may cause EV owners inconvenience.

Solution Provided by TechnoMark

  • Location: The charging stations will easily find nearest locations, and save time.
  • Networking: The charging stations should be interconnected and integrated with a system, which allows for monitoring, control, and payment processing.
  • Flexibility: The charging stations should be able to accommodate different types of electric vehicles, including both plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.
  • Scalability: Charging station systems must be able to scale to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. This could include adding more charging stations at existing locations or expanding into new

The Technical Challenges

  • Paying for charging services can be a technical challenge for EV owners. Different charging networks and providers may have varying payment methods, subscription plans, or pricing structures, making it complex to navigate and compare costs. Additionally, the lack of standardized payment systems and interoperability between different charging networks can create inconvenience for EV owners.
  • Providing user-friendly interfaces for accessing charging station information and managing charging sessions is a technical challenge. The development of intuitive and easy-to-use mobile applications or online platforms that consolidate charging station data, allow for reservations, and provide real-time updates can greatly improve the EV charging experience.

Designs and Conceptualization

  • Develop a centralized database or platform that aggregates information about charging stations from various providers. This database should include real-time data on station locations, availability, status, and charging speeds. Users can access this information through mobile apps or online platforms, making it easier to locate and plan charging sessions.
  • Integrate EV charging station information into existing navigation systems. This would enable drivers to find nearby charging stations along their routes, ensuring they have access to charging facilities during long trips. The navigation system can also provide real-time updates on the availability and status of charging stations, helping users avoid unnecessary detours or wait times.

Strengths of the Application

  • Convenience
  • Cost savings
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Integrated Navigation Systems

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