Angular JS is a web development framework that enables the creation of dynamic web applications. It is an open-source web framework that was developed back in 2009 and is maintained by Google. AngularJS is now one of the most preferred partners for working with different types of server technology and creating large-scale complex applications.

Why is AngularJS so popular? There are multiple reasons that make it a hit amongst the developers. The first and foremost aspect is probably the fact that it has been built on MVC – Model View Controller architecture that allows for creation of rich web applications. It is followed by the availability of AngularJS Development Tools that enable quick app development. And not to mention a thriving community of AngularJS developers who provide round the clock, effective support.

Let’s talk more about AngularJS and find out what makes it different from other web frameworks.

What Makes AngularJS Framework Different from Other Frameworks?

There are many, many things that set AngularJS apart from other frameworks. But there are 3 features that set it majorly apart from other development frameworks and they are:

  • Easy Integration of Applications
  • Use of Plain JavaScript Codes
  • Two-way Data Binding


Principal Benefits of Angular JS Framework

  • Open Source

As already mentioned, AngularJS is a, JavaScript-based open source framework. It is a hassle-free development framework that enables fast development using short codes. It is also an affordable option that can used by businesses of all sizes to build attractive and functional applications. Since AngularJS is open source, it also comes with a huge community of developers that offer support and help to each other making troubleshooting an easy task.

  • Two-way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is the process of synchronizing the data between the model and the view, so that the data gets updated on both sides without any delay. AngularJS performs data binding in real time and saves time that would otherwise be spend on doing manual changes. This function is an integral part of the whole architecture and contributes big time to Angular’s popularity.

  • Simple Application Architecture

MVC Architecture or Model-View-Controller architecture is the application architecture that makes Angular JS one of the most loved application framework in the developers’ community. The simplicity of its architecture lets developers code application solutions with ease. It also lets them add innovative, client requested features with ease to create a product that fits the brief. MVC architecture can handle complex requirements and is ideal for large-scale applications.

  • Optimized Server Communication

AngularJS framework offers streamlined and optimized server communication through simplified data caching and reduced burden on the CPU. It reduces the efforts on the programmers’ side by creating static web pages and drastically reduces the response time of calling an application programming interface. All of this comes in handy in creating top-notch, interactive applications that take minimal time and effort.

  • Reduced Dependencies

AngularJS makes the code structure independent with the help of Plain Old Java Object Model, also known as the POJO model. This model reduces dependencies on external plugins and results in a clean, high performing application. Frameworks made with POJO are goal-oriented and often require minimal coding. This is one of the many reasons why AngularJS is loved by the developers.

  • Latest User Interface

Since AngularJS comes from the Google factory, it offers all the latest components when it comes to user interface. It always gives you the best and latest buttons, indicators, layouts, data tables, navigation elements and more. AngularJS framework lets you build the most attractive user interfaces that look sleek and can easily beat the competition because AngularJS applications always look ahead of the curve.

  • Single-Page Applications

AngularJS is the best when it comes to single-page applications. Any single-page application requires a two-step execution for smooth functioning. First is the retrieval of mandatory codes such as HTML, JavaScript or CSS when the page loads. Next comes the user dependency of the mandatory codes that stops the page reload. AngularJS takes care of both these steps effortlessly because of its complexity handling capabilities. It manages the reloading aspect without a glitch every time a user interacts with a single-page application.

  • Angular Ivy Engine

Ivy is the rendering engine used by AngularJS to transform its code into HTML and JavaScript according to browser requirement. This magic renderer was introduced with Angular 6 and has been rewritten 4 times. Ivy renderer was introduced with the aim to produce smaller and faster application bundles that transform effortlessly on the browser. Today, it delivers optimized code with reduced bundle size and better performance. All of this is achieved in faster build time.

  • Code Reusability

AngularJS allows code reusability. Combine it with short codes, you can always have huge library of efficient, debugged codes that can be used across applications. This feature of AngularJS makes it a very productive, developer friendly framework.

  • Active Community

AngularJS comes with a myriad of resources such as study materials, reference documents, FAQs and even a strong community of developers who rally alongside each other. So, fixing a bug or finding innovative solutions is way easier to do with AngularJS than any other framework.

  • No Expertise

This point appreciates AngularJS from the developer’s point of view. An AngularJS developer does not require any specific or additional scripting experience. Any programmer who knows how to work with the regular languages such as CSS, HTML, and Java-Script can easily pickup AngularJS and start delivering from Day 1.

The point here is that AngularJS framework is easy to work with, hence, you can expect hassle-free development and faster results. Its ingenious app design architecture along with the ability to handle complex web applications with advanced components are what make it ideal for developers at all levels.

Build Large-Scale, Performance Oriented Applications with AngularJS

There is nothing called as a perfect framework. This is mostly because every application has different scale and requirements. But if we talk about perfection, a framework that can handle feature complexities, server requirements and also manage large sizes, AngularJS comes very close with its above listed features and benefits.

AngularJS is a powerful framework that can help businesses garner maximum engagement through its unique and impactful features. Give your business the power AngularJS with TechnoMark. Collaborate with us to make the most of one of the most loved application frameworks in the software world. Call now.

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