The way businesses respond to and manage unforeseen events is signifying their performance in the current unstable business markets. Business Intelligence is one of the technology tools that have been developed to help with overcoming unforeseen and unpredictable business occurrences. 

BI helps businesses collect data from internal and external sources and enables them to use the data to create reports, data visualizations, BI boards and more for in depth analysis. It bridges the information gap for businesses effectively and can mean the difference between success and failure more often than not.

Let us take a small glimpse of how BI has evolved over the years and became a vital tool for business development strategy.

BI was first proposed by Howard Dresner in the year 1989 as an umbrella term for concepts and methods that are used to improve business decision making process with help from fact-based support systems. It was widely used much later in the late 1990s. The computer-era is what gave a big push to make it one of the core business developments.

Today, Business Intelligence has become a completely technology-driven process that helps brands make calculated decisions. It now involves names like big data, data marts, artificial intelligence and the likes and is all about clicks and visualizations.

Role of Business Intelligence in Decision-Making

Business intelligence supports the decision-making process by transforming raw data into structured data that can be used meaningfully. This process involves gathering data from various sources and then processing it into different formats to understand various aspects such as how the business is performing, what should be the next steps for the business, how to improve the business, how to better reach the right audience, etc.

Real-time BI takes the informed decision-making process one more step ahead. It uses analytics and other advanced data processing tools to fill up businesses with the latest and most relevant data. Real time intelligence helps businesses grow a number of progressive results.

One key outcome of real time is driving effective risk management. When businesses can receive and process data in real time they can identify risks well in advance and mitigate them, saving a lot of time, effort and money.

Key Tools and Technologies in Business Intelligence


TechnoMark Solutions-Business Intelligence

Let’s now talk about key BI tools and technologies that have completely transformed the decision-making process.

There are several business intelligence software and systems in the market at the moment. Some of the top names include SAP Business Objects, Datapine, MicroStrategy, SAS Business Intelligence, YellowFin and QlikSense.

1.Data Visualization and Reporting Tools

Microsoft BI one of the most popular BI visualization and reporting tools. It enables real-time reporting and analysis through performance and trends data. Some other top names include Zoho Analytics, IBM Cognos Suite, SAP Business Intelligence and Informatica.

2.Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Techniques

Several Business Intelligence tools take the possibility when it comes to their excellent data mining and predictive modeling techniques. Top names include RapidMiner, Weka, Tableau, Alteryx, and Orange.

3.Dashboard tools

These tools assist you in monitoring essential metrics and performance indicators and present them in an understandable manner. They enable you to evaluate the state of your company quickly.

You may personalize dashboards to display the data that matters to you the most.

4.Scorecard tools

You may track and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) with the aid of these tools. They let you compare your company’s performance to its objectives. The ideal BI solution for your company will rely on your unique requirements. 

Choose the BI tool that is most appropriate for the work at hand by keeping in mind what you eventually want to accomplish with your data.

Building a Robust Business Intelligence Framework

A robust Business Intelligence Framework needs a lot of ground work in terms of company culture, resource management and human resource capabilities. This means to establish a business intelligence framework for your business you need your ideology, business goals, machines and people, all to be in sync with each other.

1.Establishing a data-driven culture within the organization

2.Implementing effective data governance and managemen

3.Creating a scalable infrastructure for data storage and processing

Wrap Up!

Business Intelligence (BI) is the way to go!

In today’s rapidly evolving times, businesses need to take the right steps to target their audience and enhance growth. This is where effective Business Intelligence (BI) tools and technologies come into play. This transformative technological advancement processes data in real-time, aids decision making, and saves significant resources like time, money, and efforts. 

Don’t wait for your competitors to get an advantage. Use BI to enhance your business and help you make better decisions.

Bottom Line

TechnoMark solutions is a leading IT company. Our cutting-edge software solutions are created to address the particular requirements of your company, assisting you in remaining flexible and future-proof. Where you can avail the best of BI tools to aid your business growth smoothly and accelerate results. Visit our website to learn all about the services and solutions we provide!

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