If you want to build high-quality mobile and web applications, hiring skilled developers is essential. Whether building a fresh platform from scratch or revamping your existing one, finding the right Angular developer is crucial. However, hiring Angular developers with the correct skill set from a vast talented pool has become difficult.

Additionally, the popularity and widespread use of Angular have further intensified this challenge. Angular has over 32,000 stars on GitHub and over 1 million npm downloads per month. The Statista 2023 report says that Angular is the fifth-most used web framework worldwide, with around 17.46% of developers using it.

This in-depth guide will equip you with the essential knowledge and skill set to consider when hiring Angular developers. By the end of this guide, you can confidently navigate the talent pool and identify the ideal candidate to join your team.


What is Angular?


In simple terms, Angular is a robust JavaScript framework developed by Google for building web applications. Angular was created in 2009 (and officially released in 2010) by two Google engineers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. Since then, it has provided a standard structure for Angular developers to work on complex projects in a manageable and efficient manner. Angular is famous for its efficient code production, scalability, flexibility, and seamless updates.

As a platform, Angular is regarded as a component-based framework. That is, Angular builds web applications as a collection of components. In other words, every aspect of a web application is treated as a single unit and not a single part of a collective unit.

For example, assume every component is a LEGO block. Each block has a specific size and shape; you can combine them in various angles to build your final image.

The blocks are the components; the final image is the web application. Through Angular, you can build the blocks in any way you want, and the final image (web application) depends on how you join the blocks.

Around 7,000 businesses worldwide have chosen Angular to develop their web services. Now comes the next question: why is Angular so popular?


Advantages of Using Angular as a Framework


Since its release, Angular has become one of the most reliable and flexible JavaScript web frameworks. Maintained by Google and a community of developers, Angular enables developers to build scalable, flexible, and high-performing applications using HTML and Typescript. No wonder that the demand for the Angular developers has risen exponentially.

Advantages of Using Angular


Angular is like a box of building blocks for websites. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Components

Each part of your website is a block. It’s easier to build and fix things one block at a time.

2. Two-Way Data Binding

If you change something on your website, Angular updates it everywhere else it needs to. It’s like having a helper!

3. Directives

These are special instructions on your website that tell Angular how to handle certain things.

4. Dependency Injection

This is a fancy way of saying Angular helps keep your code clean and organized.

5. Testing

Angular makes it easy to check if your website works correctly.

Now that we have learned about Angular and its advantages, it is time for us to know about AngularJS.

What is AngularJS?


  • AngularJS, like Angular, is a JavaScript framework to make websites interactive and dynamic.
  • It extended HTML DOM (a programming interface that allows JavaScript to interact with HTML elements) with additional attributes and made development easier.
  • It uses MVC (Model-

Hiring Angular and AngularJS developers: Skillsets to Consider


Now that you know Angular and AngularJS, let us delve into the key skills and knowledge you should seek when hiring Angular developers.

1. TypeScript Proficiency

Look for developers proficient in TypeScript, as it’s essential for writing Angular code.

2. Angular Knowledge

Developers should have a deep understanding of Angular concepts like modules, components, directives, services, and dependency injection.

3. Updation

The Angular framework is constantly evolving. Developers should be familiar with the latest version and its features. For instance, the official Angular blog, Angularv17, has released the latest improvements.

4. Web Development Fundamentals

A strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is important for any web developer.

5. Experience with Git

Git is a version control system widely used in development. Developers should be comfortable using it.

6.Package Managers

Developers should be familiar with package managers like npm for managing dependencies and third-party libraries.

7.Testing Practices

Developers should understand unit, integration, and end-to-end testing to ensure code quality and application stability.

Additional Skills and Soft Traits


  • Problem-solving and analytical skills

Identifying and tackling challenges effectively is invaluable in any development environment.

  • Communication and teamwork

Collaborating effectively with other developers, designers, and stakeholders is essential for project success.

  • Continuous learning and adaptability

Angular developers must remain adaptable and eager to learn new things.

Pro tip:


When hiring an Angular developer, tailor your requirements based on your project’s specific needs and complexity. Entry-level developers might possess fundamental skills, while senior developers can bring deeper expertise and experience with larger projects.

Other Must-Have Skills for Angular Developers


1. Experience with compatible technologies like Node.js and Express.js

2. Basic understanding of testing tools like Karma, Jasmine, Jest, and Mocha.

3. Familiarity with JavaScript build tools like Webpack, Grunt, and Gulp.

4. Knowledge of Material Design principles for creating visually appealing user interfaces across platforms.

Interview Questions for Hiring Angular Developers


Here are some interview questions that can be helpful while hiring Angular developers

Finding the right Angular developer determines your project’s success. This guide gives you the essential knowledge and skillset to navigate the talent pool confidently.

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